Lizzo sue dancers

Um, Lizzo is going to sue her backup dancers for ‘malicious prosecution’

Her lawyer claimed the performers’ lawsuit is ‘a sham’

The updates on the Lizzo allegations have just keep rolling since the singer’s former dancers filed a lawsuit against her in Los Angeles three weeks ago, claiming they were subjected to sexual harassment and hostile working conditions while working for her, which she denies.

And now Lizzo’s cutthroat lawyer Marty Singer, who has also represented Bill Cosby, Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, Brett Ratner, and most recently, Jonah Hill, has issued a statement saying Lizzo plans to counter-sue Crystal Williams, Arianna Davis and Noelle Rodriguez for “malicious prosecution”.

“The lawsuit is a sham,” Marty claimed in the statement, alongside photos which purportedly show the dancers backstage with performers from the Crazy Horse in Paris, where they claimed Lizzo had previously failed to tell them the dancers would be topless, thus “robbing them of the choice not to participate”.

Also in Crystal Williams, Arianna Davis and Noelle Rodriguez’s lawsuit is the claim Lizzo pressured one of the dancers to touch a nude performer at Amsterdam’s Bananenbar strip club. “These images showing the three plaintiffs gleefully revelling backstage after the topless show were taken after their February 2023 visit to Bananenbar in Amsterdam that they complain about in their lawsuit,” Marty said alongside another image included in his statement to the Independent.

This isn’t the first piece of content surrounding the lawsuit Lizzo’s legal team have publicly commented on. On the same day it was revealed Lizzo had hired Marty Singer, TMZ got hold of a video Lizzo’s ex-dancer Arianna Davis had made gushing about the singer after the alleged incidents took place on tour. “It’s been so amazing and such a beautiful journey,” she says in the footage. “I look up to her so much. I just want to follow in her footsteps, and I just want to share that with the Queen Lizzo herself.”

In response to the video going public, Arianna said: “Right up until the last minute I didn’t realize how bad it was and how much I was being taken advantage of. I just genuinely wanted to save my job. This video further explains how much I was trying to please Lizzo.”

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