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nando's cocktails

Omg guys, Nando’s is finally doing cocktails and they’re a game changer

I’m never going to the pub again

Halloumi wrap, Sunset burger, Peri-Peri chips: As if Nando’s wasn’t the perfect restaurant already, they’ve just announced they’re launching a new cocktails menu from today and they look so good. Seriously, I’m never going to another bar for a drink again.

Ok, so what are the new Nando’s cocktails?

Just as hot girl summer intended, all of the cocktails are frozen like daiquiris and there are two flavours to choose from depending on if you prefer super sweet drinks or sharper spicier options.

First, there’s the PERi-cante, which is vodka, mezcal, lime and chilli. Or you can get the Sunset Slushie, which is vodka, peach liquor, vanilla, pineapple and mango. Sold. There’s also going to be another new addition to the menu: draught Sagres, if you’re not on the slushie vibe.

Where can you get the new Nando’s cocktails?

Annoyingly, the Nando’s cocktails aren’t available at all restaurants yet. So, if you want to try them you need to head to a specific branch, including: Waterloo Station, Battersea, Wolverhampton (Bentley Bridge), Birmingham (Mailbox), Brighton (Marina), Salford Quays, Liverpool (ONE), Crawley, Westfield Stratford City or Kings Cross.

Also, the cocktails are being run on a trial basis, so basically, if we don’t drink enough they’ll be taken away again… You know what you have to do.

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