Tears and walk outs: Predicting the carnage that’s going to go down on Love Island’s Movie Night

Expect nothing less than chaos and fury x

Peace has, more or less, been restored in the Love Island villa after Casa Amor. Ron’s head has finally stopped swivelling, Tom told Samie she was the only girl for him in a series of monumentally cringe rhyming couplets and Will roped all the Islanders into an act of devotion for Jessie that wouldn’t have been out of place on a GCSE drama assessment day.

All is forgiven, forgotten, etc.

But, sadly for the Islanders attempting to get away with romantically rat-like behaviour, producers have the receipts, and they’re blowing them up on the big screen. Movie Night is coming to set the record straight.

So, in case you’re wondering exactly what’s about to pop off (and when) in the villa, here are all of our timelines and predictions:

Claudia and Casey

For Casey and Claudia, it was never that deep. He snogged two (2) other women while she was gone for two (2) nights but after he made two (2) excuses she was over it and snogging him next to the fire pit. Obviously, Movie Night is going to make this guy look bad: He got covered in Sanam’s lip gloss moments before offering Cynthia his (Claudia’s) bed to sleep in. But will she care? Probably for about two (2) minutes. You see where I’m going with this.

love island when is movie night

Lana and Ron

Ron has been the king of devious behaviour from day one but he’s masterful with it. He acts out under everybody’s noses when they least expect it. So, this man is not getting caught out by forgetting he’s on a TV show. Was there some minor egging on of the other boys in Casa? Yes. But he’s more likely to get the cold shoulder from Samie than literally any repercussions from Lana.

Exhibit A:

love island when is movie night

Samie and Tom

Someone parachute a thesaurus into the Love Island villa because last night’s poem isn’t the last Tom will write. Even though Samie knows what happened between him and Lydia while her back was turned, seeing it blown up on a 45ft screen is something else. She’s going to feel “hurt” and “embarrassed” and need “time and space” to “get her head straight”.

Meanwhile, Tom will essentially choose between two options: Either accept he’s put the girl he likes through the emotional wringer and take the silent treatment. Or, have his ego bruised by the fact Samie chatted to Bayley in Casa, call her a hypocrite, and throw his jacket on the floor like Troy Bolton (again).

Hope for the first, fear for the latter.

love island when is movie night

Jessie and Will

With Will and Jessie, it really depends on just how much hell the producers want to unleash. If they show Jessie what she already knows about (Will snogging Layla by the fire pit, flirting around the pool) it will sting but she’ll stomach it. If they show Will giggling as Layla rubs an unspecified part of his body in bed under the covers— it could be curtains.

Either way, she’ll take him back in the end. But they’ll both cry in between. Evil.

love island when is movie night

Tanya and Shaq

From the moment she knew she was heading into Casa Amor, Tanya wanted Shaq to cry blood. She wanted his blood to curdle with fury and his veins to pulsate with rage. As soon as her tape starts rolling, he’s going to know the way she shrieked with glee at her newfound freedom. How her head turned before she’d even seen the new men. The poor bloke’s heart will combust.

After witnessing all that, Shaq may actually decide to leave the show. Or drown Martin in the pool. That’s the only way this can feasibly end.

love island when is movie night

Kai and Olivia

Everyone’s favourite hypocrite is about to be haunted by her own forgetfulness. Because, although Kai may have recoupled with Sanam after Casa, he didn’t forget Olivia’s name the moment she left the villa. Whereas when Liv had to tell the new boys who she was coupled up with, we heard nothing but crickets. She suffered from a bout of amnesia. Or, potentially, selective memory.

If she keeps punishing Kai after that kick in the teeth comes out, he might finally raise his voice higher than ten decibels.

love island when is movie night

So, when exactly is Movie Night coming?

Love Island’s Movie Night isn’t on exactly the same date each year. But producers usually launch Islanders into the film-filled chaos a few days after they’ve returned to Casa to give all of the couples a chance to kiss and make up before they’re obliterated by a wave of spilt tea all over again.

This season, all of the couples got back from casa on 16 February, meaning Movie Night will probably air on Wednesday or Thursday this week.

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