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Made in Chelsea new season

Omg! Made in Chelsea is back TONIGHT and the drama did not stay in Corsica

Liv snogging Temps is my villain origin story

It feels like we only just left the cast of Made in Chelsea packing up their suitcases in Corsica to return to London after the messiest season we’ve seen in years. But the producers at Channel 4 literally don’t rest. So, the show is already back for another season tonight. Scream.

And honestly, even from the trailer, our jaws are already on the floor. The Yas/Sam Prince/Inga triangle is still triangling, Liv is getting well and truly over Tristan, and Robbie and Joel’s relationship is going through a very chaos road bump. Here’s the full rundown. We’re well and truly back in the golden era of posh people reality TV.

Temps is snogging Liv and it looks like it’s going well

When The Tab interviewed Liv after her split from Tristan she said she’d been getting with “everyone” – we didn’t think she meant it literally. But now, in a curveball that has everyone’s heads spinning, she’s actually been getting with Temps. Apparently, they’ve been spotted kissing all over Fulham and TikTok detectives think they even saw him in the background of an Instagram at her family home. Could this be…serious?

Robbie tells Joel he’s developed feelings for Geronimo from their Corsica throuple

Joel and Robbie made MIC history last season by bringing the first throuple narrative to the show. However, introducing Geronimo into their lives could have made things complicated as Robbie tells Joel in the MIC trailer he developed feelings for Geronimo.

“Things get messy before they are perfect, nothing worthwhile is neat and tidy,” Robbie posted on Instagram last week under a picture of him and Joel. Drama is coming.

Sam Prince and Inga are still vibing and Yas isn’t happy about it

Yes, Sam Prince and Inga did break up in Corsica via an on-camera scene which legit was heartbreaking to watch. But back in London, he’s still booty calling her and asking if she wants to him to admit to having feelings for her. The mess will never end.

And what of Yas? She’s storming off and saying they’re “done”. As you probs would if the guy you slept with and fucked up one of your friendships for monumentally backtracked a matter of weeks later. Chaos. Utter chaos.

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