Timothee Chalamet ick embarrassing moments

Unhinged Timothée Chalamet moments to get you over the pain of him dating someone else

I’m actively trying to give you all the ick right now

Safe to say there’s been a troubling reaction to Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner making their first public outing as a couple at Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour night in Los Angeles earlier this week. The Timmy fandom has gone into actual mourning, with many taking “time offline” to deal with the news and others launching into full bully mode to cope with ever-mounting levels of jealousy. Guys, let’s take a breath, touch some grass, and take stock here.

Because, honestly, you need to take Timmy off his pedestal a touch. Lest we forget, when these relationship rumours first started swirling it was him who was accused of punching. We all said Kylie was fighting for her life in the group chat – not the other way round. So, to regain some semblance of sanity and help you through this tough, tough, time, here’s a lil list of all the moments Timmy was slightly unhinged. He’s just a man, ok? You’re going to be alright x

His many performances as his alter ego Lil Timmy Tim

They do say Kylie has a thing for rappers but this seems like a stretch. For years, footage of Timothee rapping and dancing as his alter ego Lil Timmy Tim have been circling online. They’re hilarious, sure. But if you ever needed reminding this man is just a human –  look at his little legs wobbling about. Deeply unserious.

Every second of the chaotic and confusing Willy Wonka trailer

Conclusively, Twitter found that the Wonka trailer was categorically one thing (in the words of Paris Hilton): Not hot. This hopping about? The caricature impressions? I can’t. Rumour has it, the footage of Lil Timmy Tim actually scored him this role. The web is webbing.

His unprovoked summer thirst trap cave photo series

And lastly, perhaps my favourite of Timmy’s unhinged endeavours, the moment he took to a cave this summer and posed for a series of photos that make him look like he could be fighting for his life on The Island with Bear Grylls. Why is he clambering out like that? Did he just stub his toe on a rock? So many questions. So few answers. So much closure from this celeb crush we’ve all been losing our minds over.

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