Twilight transformations: This is how different the cast look 15 years later

Charlie Swan is still daddy

It’s officially Autumn which can only mean one thing: It’s Twilight season and we’re all out here pretending our lives have a blue hue to them, sound tracked by Blue Foundation. The vampire movie will turn 15 years old in November but is still just as iconic ever with a dedicated cult following.

The cast shot into stardom practically overnight as many of them were little known actors when they got the part. Unlike the immortal and unchanging vampires of the film, the Twilight cast have indeed aged and some have even had some pretty wild transformations over the years. A number of the cast have gone on to become Hollywood A-Listers and have continued to be staples across the movie and TV screens, and they’ve been looking great doing it.

Here’s a look at the transformations of the cast from the first Twilight film, compared from then to now:

Robert Pattinson – Edward Cullen

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I swear to God, this man just gets better with age; now 37 years old, Robert Pattinson is aging like a fine wine. Since his lead role in Twilight, Rob has continued acting and even went on to pursue a modelling career, becoming the face of DIOR’s HOMME perfume.

Kristen Stewart – Bella Swan

twilight cast transformations

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Kristin Stewart was only 18 years old when she starred in the first Twilight movie and although she had been acting since she was a child it was the adaption of Stephenie Meyer’s novel that shot her into the limelight and there she has stayed ever since. Kristin has arguably had one of the biggest transformations of the Twilight cast and now looks completely different thanks to her ever-changing hair and style.

Taylor Lautner – Jacob Black

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The release of the Twilight saga created a divide amongst an entire generation as you were either Team Jacob or Team Edward and there was no in between. Taylor Lautner doesn’t look like he has aged a day in the past 15 years and still has as much of a baby face as ever.

Ashley Greene – Alice Cullen

twilight cast transformations

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Ashley Greene is truly stunning and has always just been /that/ girl. Since playing Alice Cullen, Ashley has continued to act but branched out into horror movies and joined Hallmark. She also used her platform to become a health and lifestyle guru, launching a reproductive health brand in 2021 called Hemmingway.

Nikki Reed – Rosalie Cullen

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The casting director really had a thing for casting actors who had the opposite hair colour to their character as Twilight’s golden girl Rosalie is actually a brunette. Since the films, Nikki Reed married Ian Somerhalder who became famous for playing Ian Somerhalder in The Vampire Diaries. When world’s collide, ey.

Kellan Lutz – Emmet Cullen

twilight cast transformations

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You’d be forgiven for not recognising Kellan Lutz at first glance as he looks so incredibly different. Our resident himbo hearthrob has continued to act, making use of his muscles in the Netflix live-action series The Guardian of Justice.

Jackson Rathbone – Jasper Cullen

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Um, excuse me? Jasper’s glow up is insane. Jackson Rathbone is sill obsessed with all things Twilight and has a great sense of humour, reposting TikToks from Yasmine Sahid of her hilarious Jasper impersonations and parodies.

Billy Burke – Charlie Swan

twilight cast transformations

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Daddy, I mean daddy. I really slept on Charlie Swan when I first watched Twilight as a kid but now I’m older I’m really starting to appreciate the finer things in life and Billy Burke is certainly one of them.

Peter Facinelli – Carlisle Cullen

twilight cast transformations

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Unlike the vampires of Twilight, Peter Facinelli has indeed aged and looks considerably older than he did in the film.

Elizabeth Reaser – Esme Cullen

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Esme Cullen gave off such wholesome vibes and really was everyone’s mum. Since Twilight Elizabeth Reaser has continued acting, bagging some reoccurring roles in The Good Wife, Mad Men and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Anna Kendrick – Jessica Stanley

twilight cast transformations

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Anna Kendrick needs no introduction as she’s now such a huge Hollywood name but many people forget she got her start in Twilight.

Christian Serratos – Angela Weber

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Christian Serratos is absolutely stunning and I am truly in awe of her beauty. Christian has continued to act and moved onto another huge supernatural franchise: The Walking Dead.

Justin Chon – Eric Yorkie

twilight cast transformations

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Since Twilight ended, Justin Long has waved bye-bye to his Bieber-esque side fringe but still, thankfully, kept his trademark long hair.

Michael Welch – Mike Newton

twilight cast transformations

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Bella’s friend come-love-interest Mike honestly looks the same to me, just a little older. Despite literally having the word “act” in his Instagram handle, Michael Welch hasn’t acted in anything since 2021.

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