Loads of The Traitors season two cast are on Cameo now – here’s how much they charge

I would pay anything for a video from Mother Diane

At least once, the players who signed up for The Traitors will have imagined life with the potential £120,000 prize fund, which could have changed their lives forever. But obviously, there was only one winner, as traitor Harry ended up stealing the entirity of the £95,000 prize pot and in doing so betrayed faithful Molly and created one of the most painful TV episodes ever. So now the cast of The Traitors season two have headed to Cameo, to try and make some money off the back of their reality game show fame.

Eight out of the 22 cast members are now on Cameo – for those of you that failed Maths GCSE, that’s almost half. A lot of the contestants charge around £20 for a personalised video message, however some are a lot more expensive than that at over £50 a pop. Here’s how much they are all asking for in return for a personalised video, ranked from lowest to highest:

Jasmine Boatswain – £20

Jasmine really grew on me throughout the season to the point she was one of my fav contestants by the time the show finished. Being a professional athlete, she also was an absolute beast in the daily tasks and was just an all round likeable character. You can bag yourself a personalised video from Jazz for the lowest price of £20.

Ash Bibi – £20

Ash was the first traitor to be banished in season two and in her Cameo bio she describes herself as “the rubbish traitor.” She said it, not me. You can purchase a video from her £20 but as she new to the platform, she is yet to receive a review.

Zack Davies – £20

Zack annoyed me massively during the first half of the show, he had so many ideas of who the traitors were but literally none of them were correct. Somehow though by the end of the series I had a massive crush on him sp for that reason I would happily pay £20 for a Cameo video from him.

Jonny Holloway – £24

The Traitors season two cameo

I was really gutted to see Jonny get banished as early and watching Harry vote for him at the round table despite having such a bond was really hard to watch but now you get the Jonny content we were so cruelly deprived of in the form of a £24 Cameo video.

Ross Carson – £24

The Traitors season two cameo

At first, Ross was overshadowed by his mum Diane who became all of our’s Mother but after *that* wink to the camera, which he uses as his Cameo profile pic, he proved himself to be an icon in his own right. His username is rossthesupremes, a nod to the fact that when you put his and his mum’s names together you get Diana Ross, and he charges £24 per video.

Miles Asteri – £26

The Traitors season two cameo

Our beloved fizzy-Rose hating traitor Miles is on Cameo and his videos are quite iconic. He’s got his hands on a black velvet cloak and makes all his videos wearing it which you can purchase for £26.

Charlotte Chilton – £28

The Traitors season two cameo

Charlotte was somewhat of a background character on The Traitors season two, or at least she was for me, but is somehow charging the second most money for a singular Cameo video from her at £28 a pop.

Diane Carson – £54

The Traitors season two cameo

Mother Diane was the first contestant from season two of The Traitors to set up a Cameo, a mere three days after the final episode aired. When she originally set up her account she was charging £35 but the price has now gone up to £54, making her the contestant charging the most for personalised videos by more than double. She has a five star rating (would we expect anything else from our Di?) and also has the most reviews out of co-stars at 31.

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