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Everything Phillip Schofield has been up to since his life came down in ruins

He’s still got a better social life than me

Phillip Schofield used to be the king of daytime TV, but seemingly over night went from a national treasure to a national disgrace. In the wake of his scandalous affair with a much younger man on the This Morning’s production team, Schofe was forced to leave ITV, was dropped by multiple brands, and simultaneously managed to ruin his career, personal life and reputation all over the space of a couple weeks.

But since his fall from grace, what is Phillip Schofield doing now? Here’s everything Schofe has been up to since the revelations of his affair and leaving ITV:

Wining and dining with celebrity pals

There is apparently still room to have fun in the life of a disgraced TV personality as this week Schofe was seen out for dinner with friend Vanessa Feltz. Vanessa, now a host on TalkTV, has been publicly vocal of her support for Phillip during the whole affair. Back in June, she said: “I’m absolutely devastated on behalf of everyone. I’ve always been good friends with Holly and Phil, I’ve been on that show for years and years. I just feel very sorry for anybody who’s been hurt or implicated in what’s happened. I hope the show will continue.” The pair were spotted by the Daily Mail hugging outside West London restaurant Little Bird on Monday night.

Took a trip to the middle-class haven of Cornwall

At the end of June, Phillip was seen out and about in Cornwall, believed to be celebrating his elderly mother’s 87th birthday. Whilst he did look all around better than he did in *that* BBC interview, and a lot more tanned, he was still clutching his favourite accessory: His emotional support Lost Mary.

Enjoying a tipple or two

Phillip has been seen very few times out in the public since his down fall but was spotted having a drink with a female friend this weekend at a London pub. Schofe was seen enjoying what appeared to be a Bloody Mary and a burger at The Weir Bar in Brentford yesterday (13th August). Good to see he’s still got a healthy appetite.

Put his London flat up for sale

Schofield and his wife, Stephanie, put their London flat, that is part of a gated community, on the market in June after his exit from ITV at the end of May. The very same flat is thought to be where Schofe conducted his affair. The property was originally listed at £1.2million, the same price the couple bought it for back in 2012, but was soon reduced by £100,000, followed by a further £85,000 reduction last week.

Moved back in with mummy dearest

In April 2020, two months after coming out, The Sun reported Phillip had moved out of his home and into the flat in central London. However, with that flat now on the market, it is believed that Phillip has moved back into his mum’s house in Newquay and is expected stay there indefinitely.

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Feature images via BBC and @schofe on Instagram.