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Race Across the World behind the scenes

These Race Across the World behind the scenes pics will make you want to sign up for the show

Oh to be running around Canada eating poutine

Race Across the World has officially ended and saw Tricia and Cathy crowned the winners. After eight weeks of watching the pairs attempt to get to the finish line, there is a bittersweet feeling amongst viewers now it is over. As the show was airing on BBC One, the Race Across the World contestants were sharing behind the scenes pics from some truly iconic episodes.

So if you’re still feeling reminiscent over Race Across the World, have a look at these incredibly wholesome behind the scenes pictures from this year’s contestants.

So naive

As snug as a bug in a rug

Okay this is quite wholesome

Now that’s a team of race across the worlders if I’ve ever seen one

The kindness of the people they meet really does make this show

Those are my winners!

Criminal offensive side eye

Get that fish pic straight on Tinder

Only vibes, nothing else

The most wholesome duo to grace our screens

Going to Niagra Falls may have eaten all their money but at least they got good pics

The man, the myth, the legend

Truly having the time of their lives

Canada truly is expensive!

The gang!

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