Bridgerton mirror scene editing error

There’s an editing error in the Bridgerton mirror scene and it really ruins the romance

Sorry but how did no one spot this ??

Right, so there’s an editing error in the infamous mirror scene in part two of Bridgerton and it’s driving me mad that no one in post-production spotted it.

The editing error happens in episode five in what is being called the mirror scene by Bridgerton fans. We see Colin and Penelope stood in front of a mirror and they both watch as he undresses her before they have sex for the first time. The first item of clothing that Colin removes is a hair pin that is holding Penelope’s hair up. We see her hair fall down over her shoulders whilst Colin compliments Penelope saying: “And then there is the way your cascades down your shoulders.” There is then a very pointed shot of Colin dropping the hair pin and it bouncing off the floor.

However, when we quickly see Penelope again, her hair is still in a bun being held up by the pin but then from a different angle, it’s down again. Now I’ve spotted it I can’t unsee it and it really distracts from the romance of the scene. It’s amazing that no one spotted this, especially as such a point is made of Colin letting down her hair.

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The mirror scene is not the first editing error that fans have spotted in season three of Bridgerton. In the very first episode there is an error, which coincidentally is again about a hair clip. Penelope storms out of a ball after Cressida ruins her new dress and throws her hairpiece on the ground. And then when Colin comes out to see if she’s okay and they talk, her hairpiece stays on the ground. But she then gets in her carriage home leaving it still on the floor.

She goes home and then writes the scathing stuff about him in Whilstledown and the camera immediately cuts to her furiously scribbling at her desk wearing, you guessed it, the very same hairpiece that she threw and left on the ground in the previous scene!

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