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Here’s how to get the red flag filter on TikTok everyone is using to expose themselves

It’s scary how accurate these are

Red flags is a term that gets thrown around a lot, especially when it comes to dating. But whether you want to admit it or not, we definitely all have some red flags of our own. In case you’re unsure what yours are, someone on TikTok has made a filter which tells you exactly what your most problematic behaviours are.

The My Red Flag filter tells you your top three, you guessed it, red flags and lines them up over your head so you can wear them with pride. It can be absolutely savage at times whilst also being spookily accurate. How it knew I was vegetarian I’ll never know. Everyone loves a TikTok filter and this one is no different with it already being used over 96,400 times. Here’s how you can get the red flag filter on TikTok so you can join in the fun of exposing your most undesirable qualities on the internet.


😭😭 this filter is unhinged ):

♬ original sound – Taylor 💜

How to get the red flag filter from TikTok

• First off you need to open up TikTok, obviously

• Click on the plus icon that appears in the bottom of the screen to open the camera

• In the bottom left corner tap “effects”

• Then search for “my red flags”

• Finally tap on the filter with the same name, it is usually the first one that shows up

Alternatively, you can also get the filter if a video appears on your FYP of someone using it. In this case, the filter they’re using on their video will appear on the left hand side of the screen above the caption. Click on it and it will take you straight to the camera with the filter already applied. Easy peasy.

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