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Right, are Below Deck Down Under’s Culver and Jaimee still together?

The couple left the boat together in the final episode

It’s almost a guarantee that with every season of Below Deck there will be some sort of boat romance, or boatmance if you will, and the latest season of Below Deck Down Under was no different.

Season two of the Australian version of the Below Deck franchise saw multiple hookups, drunk make-out sessions and even one couple become official.

But since the final episode of the show dropped this week, and with confirmation from Chef Tzarina on Instagram that there won’t be a reunion episode in order to “protect Margot”, fans have been asking one thing: Are Culver and Jaimee still together?

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Jaimee joined the boat in the second stew position mid season, replacing Laura Bileskalne after she was fired by Captain Jason. From her first couple of days on the boat, Jaimee got herself in the middle of a messy love triangle after hooking up with Culver despite chef Tzarina expressing how much she liked him.

However, romance soon blossomed between the pair leading to Culver asking Jaimee to be his girlfriend by presenting her with a card with a yes or no tick box.

But as with all boatmances it seems, there relationship wasn’t smooth sailing as the job on a boat in the Mediterranean that Culver had lined up for the now official couple appeared to fall through after the captain stop replying; and Jaimee began flirting with newly joined lead deckhand Luka.

On the final crew night out, Jaimee and Luka drunkenly kissed resulting in Jaimee tearfully apologising to Culver the following morning. Despite the indiscretion, the season finale saw the couple leave the boat together to carry on their adventure.

Since filming ceased, neither Jaimee or Culver have confirmed whether they are still together and without a reunion it seems that fans may never get definitive answer of what happened between the pair after they disembarked.

However, the pair do not follow each other on Instagram and neither have photos posted of them together which is probably a good indicator of what their relationship status is now.

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