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This is where the ‘Jeffy, did you get a speeding ticket?’ TikTok sound originally came from

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The latest trend to completely takeover and dominate my TikTok For You Page is the sound “Jeffy, did you get a speeding ticket?”. Since the sound was uploaded to TikTok  last month, the original video has amassed six million views with nearly 250,000 videos having been made using the sound with many of those also achieving millions and millions of views, proving its popularity with users. Even though the sound is actually quote annoying, there’s just something about it which means I can’t stop listening to it. So here’s everything you need to know about the viral “Did you get a speeding ticket?’ TikTok sound – including where it originally came from.


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Where the ‘Jeffy, did you get a speeding ticket?’ TikTok sound came from?

The TikTok sound is from an online show called SML Movies on YouTube from the creator Logan Thirtyacre. The web series uses stuffed toys and puppets to act out sitcoms, with one of the main characters a puppet called Jeffy.  In the particular episode the viral sound is from, Jeffy is trying to convince his friend, a stuffed Super Mario toy, naturally, to allow him to drive himself to school. His main argument for being allowed to do so is based on the fact he’d driven a car before and nothing bad had happened which leads to the following conversation: “So, nothing bad happened? Uh-uh. You didn’t wreck it? Uh-uh. You didn’t hit anybody? Uh-uh. You didn’t run anybody over? Uh-uh. You didn’t get a speeding ticket? Uh. Wait, Jeffy, why are you making that face? Uh. Jeffy, did you get a speeding ticket? Uh.” This whole clip is only about 10 seconds long and is the viral did you get a speeding ticket TikTok sound we have all come to know and love.

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