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All the signs that Madeline Argy and Central Cee are already back together

Mum and dad have reunited!!!

The news that Madeline Argy and Central Cee had called it quits on their relationship left fans absolutely heartbroken but there are some signs that the couple might already be back together. After Madeline appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast back in September and confirmed that her and Cench had split up a few months prior and spilled the tea about their “obsessed” relationship, fans thought this was the final nail in the coffin for the couple.

But now it seems that our internet mom and dad have reunited and are leaving a trail of bread crumbs online for their fans to piece the puzzle together for themselves. Madeline and Central Cee were never covert and have always had a more sarcastic, tongue in cheek approach to talking about their relationship online so these subtle clues might just be all the confirmation we’ll get. So if you’re eager for evidence that the Madeline Argy and Central Cee have reignited their former flame, here’s all the signs they’re back together:

They were seen attending a Chelsea match together


Central Cee with Madeline at a chelsea game 16/12/2023 #centralcee #madelineargy #cute #love #chelsea

♬ get him back! (sped up) – badkarma

Perhaps the biggest clue that Madeline Argy and Central Cee are back together is that they were seen cosying up at Chelsea match at the weekend; and with the amount of layers and scarfs they were both wearing, they definitely weren’t keeping close together just to keep warm in the colder weather.

Wearing each other’s clothes

When their romance was first rumoured and not yet confirmed by either the rapper or the TikToker, one of the clues that they were dating is that they were spotted wearing each others clothes and now they’re back to doing the same. Madeline shared a carousel of photos to her Instagram and in the second photo she is wearing a bright orange tracksuit, posing with her wrist very obviously angled towards the camera – on it a green Van Cleef bracelet. Fans were quick to notice that Central Cee has the same exact colour Van Cleef bracelet so people are assuming Madeline is wearing his. With a bracelet that expensive, there’s no point in them both buying one.

Dropping multiple hints on Instagram

Despite still not following each other, as well as the bracelet, Madeline Argy has also been dropping other hints on Instagram that she is back together with Central Cee. In another one of her photo dumps, Madeline is seen posing in front of a painting of someone who looks exactly like Cench with her bulldog, Bugs, who Central Cee previously said he had “part ownership” of when they were together. In another carousel, Madeline posted a photo of a bowl of cereal in which a hand can be seen that many fans believe his.

Madeline has posted some cryptic stories

Madeline Argy Central Cee back together

Madeline has also posted some cryptic Instagram stories in which she appears to be referencing her relationship with Cench. In one story she shared a screenshot of a DM she received saying “DID WE NOT LEARN ANYTHING” with the caption “so real.”

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