University of Liverpool incorrectly told 119 students they had a place at the uni

The uni then sent a follow up email hours later revoking the places

The University of Liverpool accidentally sent out 119 emails in error to A-level students confirming their place to study at the uni.

The offer holders then all received a follow up email a matter of hours later revoking the places and saying the email had been sent by mistake.

The mistake was apparently caused by last minute changes from the university, which has now publicly apologised for the uncertainty these emails may have caused.

Taking to Twitter, those who were affected brandished the mistake as “unfair” and “appalling”, with one hopeful offer-holder describing the situation as leaving her “heartbroken”.

The error by the university was confirmed by UCAS on Twitter: “We’ve been made aware that 119 applicants were incorrectly sent a ‘you’re placed’ email at 8am this morning. This was due to last minute changes by the uni, after we took the data for the communication send.

“Applicants can discuss any concerns they have around the change in status directly with the course provider and they will explain what to do next.”

In response, Rosie Taylor, whose younger brother was one of the 199 hopeful students to have their place revoked, said: “My brother was over the moon when he got an email to say he’d got in to study at business at Liverpool, only to be told two hours later it was a mistake despite getting an A* in the subject he wants to study! Absolute disgrace getting his hopes up for nothing, this is NOT fair.”

Whilst it has not been confirmed, a lot of the affected students appear to be offer-holders to study business at the university but it remains unclear whether offer-holders for other courses were also impacted.

A spokesperson for University of Liverpool said: “We can confirm that a small number of applicants unfortunately received incorrect information about their application status via UCAS this morning.

“We are extremely sorry for the concern and uncertainty this caused. Anyone affected who has not been in contact with us is welcome to get in touch to discuss their application with a member of our team.”

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