Race Across the World series four end

The competition is really heating up, so when does Race Across The World series four end?

I would be happy only watching this show for the rest of time

We’re fast approaching the end of Race Across the World series four, as the remaining couples make pace towards the final checkpoint in South East Asia. We’re about to see who gets there first, and takes home the £20k prize fund.

The five teams are travelling a 15,000km route from Sapporo on Japan’s northernmost island to Lombok in Indonesia, passing through South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand enroute.

It’s been a dramatic series so far and after mother and daughter duo Sharon and Brydie’s elimination in episode three, only four teams remain. Each leg gets even more tense and the competition is really heating up. But, it’s all coming to an end very soon! We don’t have long left to see who will be race champions.

Race Across the World series four end

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So, when does Race Across the World series four end?

Episode five of series four aired last night and saw the four teams racing from Mae Sariang to Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. The episode revealed that the next checkpoint, of the sixth leg, would have the teams travelling to Bukittinggi in Indonesia meaning that they will be entering the final country of the challenge.

Right now, siblings Betty and James are in the lead, having splashed the cash on a speedboat to get them to the checkpoint. However, both Viv and Stephen and Alfie and Owen are only 14 minutes behind the leaders whilst Eugenie and Isabel are two hours 10 minutes behind, making the gap between the first and last team the smallest it’s been all season.

There are nine episodes of the show in total – the final episode of the challenge airs on Wednesday 5th June where will we find out the winner, and then there will hopefully be a reunion style episode the week after.

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