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Hello Kitty not a cat

TikTok has just discovered that Hello Kitty isn’t actually a cat and I am so confused

But she literally looks just like a cat???

Right, people on TikTok have just discovered that Hello Kitty actually is not meant to be a cat and I just can’t wrap my head around it. She has whiskers and pointy ears – on what earth is that not a cat?! But no, apparently she really isn’t a cat and never has been. My whole childhood is a lie.

So, if Hello Kitty isn’t a cat then what is she?

Hello Kitty is actually a little HUMAN girl called Kitty White and, what’s more, she’s not even Japanese – she’s British! Hailing from the suburbs of London. The thought of Hello Kitty walking around talking with a London accent has me rolling. She seemingly has a happy little life in the home counties as, according to Sanrio, she lives with her parents, twin sister Mimmy and, wait for it, her PET CAT called Charmmy Kitty.


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TikTok is gone into melt down over this with one person commenting “someone please tell me what is going on”. However, some people are claiming they always knew (I’m not sure I believe them), saying: “It’s true! I had trading cards as a child that said her home was London and she was a young girl that loved kitty dress up 😭”. Is Hello Kitty a furry?! The more I’m finding out, the more I’m not sure it’s appropriate for children.

Despite not being of the feline persuasion, Kitty White is supposed to be something known as a “gajinka” which is basically a form of anthropomorphism and refers to when artists or animators imagine animal or non-human creatures as having human like qualities. So we’re not all totally insane for believing she was a cat, thank God.

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