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Guys, BeReal will now add the song you’re listening to on Spotify when you post

Still not enough to get me using BeReal again though

Last summer, absolutely everyone was on the BeReal hype. If you were doing anything interesting that day you’d be there hoping and praying to any God there may be that BeReal would conveniently go off whilst you were out so that it would actually look like you do fun stuff with your life. Inevitably, if out with friends and it went off, everyone would whip their phones out at the exact same time to upload near identical images with everyone in to the time-sensitive social media app.

However in recent months, BeReals novelty has slowly worn off with TikTok and Facebook Messenger introducing similar features in the form of TikTok Now and Roll Call.  But now in an attempt to stay one step ahead of their competitors and reign back in some of its users who have turned off notifications in fear of that pesky yellow triangle, BeReal has joined forces with Spotify to implement a new feature that shows what song you’re listening to that very moment as you post.

The integration gives users the option to also share what song or podcast they’re currently listening to when posting their BeReal, as long as it’s being streamed through Spotify. You’ll see the cover art of the audio you’re listening to at the bottom of your camera lens and once posted, friends will be able to hear a preview of what you’re listening to. The new function is already available in five countries worldwide with other countries soon to follow, including the UK. All you need to get started is to connect your BeReal and Spotify accounts together, here’s how:

Here’s how to get the latest Spotify feature on BeReal:

1.Right, first off you need to integrate your two accounts and there are two ways to do this. Once it’s launched in the UK, when you go to post your next BeReal there should be a music icon that shows which you can tap on. Failing that, go to “settings” in the BeReal app, click “music” and follow the relevant steps to connect to Spotify.

2. Once you’ve connected your accounts, if you’re listening to a song or podcast on Spotify at the time you capture your BeReal it will automatically appear and you’ll see the cover art of the audio you’re listening to at the bottom of your camera lens. You can then chose whether to share it.

3. Once posted, your friends will be able to listen to a snippet of what you’re listening to and you can also listen to theirs.

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