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This is where the ‘Where’s my dad? I’m all alone’ TikTok sound originally came from

It’s a real tear jerker

The latest trend to completely takeover and dominate my TikTok For You Page is the sound of a child singing “Where’s my dad? I’m all alone”. The poor kid holding the that paper mache fish is literally haunting my dreams and even my waking moments at this point. Since the sound was uploaded to TikTok by a user this month, the original video has amassed 12 million views with nearly 10,000 videos having been made using the sound with many of those also achieving millions of views, proving its popularity with users. The sound has turned into a real brain worm for me and I just can’t get it out of my head. So here’s everything you need to know about the viral “Where’s my dad?” TikTok sound – including where it originally came from.


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♬ original sound – 🙂

 The “Where’s my dad?” TikTok sound came from a Finding Nemo musical

The original video was uploaded by The Brick’s Children Community Theatre, a kids theatre based in New Jersey USA and shows a clip of their new musical: Finding Nemo Junior. The musical is based on the iconic Disney movie with the clip showing the 12-year-old child actor, Domenic Innarella, who plays Nemo himself, holding a paper mache clown fish on a stick. The song is obviously referencing the part in the original movie where Nemo finds himself separated from his dad and unable to find him. It’s a real tear jerker. Whilst it’s only the first two lines that have gone viral, the full lyrics are as follows: “Where’s my dad? I’m all alone / I’m too small to be here on my own / I swam away because I got mad / But now I really need him / Where’s my dad?”

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