phillip schofield deleted photos

Phillip Schofield has been deleting his Instagram photos, including one of him and Holly

57 photos have been deleted from his account since his public scandal

Since his very public fall from grace at the end of May this year, Phillip Schofield has kept a very low profile, including complete radio silence on his previously very active social media. However, Phillip has been deleting photos from his public Instagram.

According to Social Blade, Phillip Schofield has deleted 57 photos from his Instagram in the past 30 days alone, including at least one of him and his former colleague, and bestie, Holly Willoughby.

The photo of him and Holly that has now been removed from his account was from 2016, taken whilst they holidayed in the Algarve region of Portugal together. The pair could be seen laughing and splashing about in the sea wearing matching t-shirts that said “I heart P.S” and “I heart H.W” respectively.

It was reported at the time the t-shirts were in nod to Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift, who were then dating, after Tom was seen out and about wearing an “I heart T.S” t-shirt. This then lead to an in depth discussion on This Morning about it and seemingly to the pair’s matching tops.

The photo was just one of many of the TV presenting duo that appear on Schofe’s Instagram and had been public for seven years before Phillip deleted it sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday this week. It is currently unclear what other photos Phillip Schofield has deleted and why.

Phillip’s once thriving Instagram account has also lost over 11,000 followers in the past 30 days. This comes after he was

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