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Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn album theories

All the glaringly obvious signs Taylor Swift’s new album is about Joe Alwyn

Miss girl wasn’t even trying to be subtle

Taylor Swift has just announced her 11th album, The Tortured Poets Department, and, along with pointing out the grammar mistake in the title, fans have been super quick with the theories that the latest release is all about her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Taylor and Joe dated for six years and whilst they were super private, the breakdown of the relationship after that amount of time was bound to have influenced her music. But we’re not talking subtle signs here, the evidence that The Tortured Poets Department is all about him and their relationship is pretty undeniable. Here’s all you need to know:

The album title is eerily similar to the name of Joe’s group chat

One of the biggest clues that The Tortured Poets Department is about Taylor and Joe’s breakup is the name of the album itself and how similar it is to a group chat Joe used to be in. In an interview with Variety two years ago, Joe said he was in a group chat with two other actors, namely Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott, called The Tortured Man’s Club, super similar to this latest album from Taylor which she said at the Grammy’s she’s been working on for two years. A coincidence? I think not.

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Fans have also connected a song name to her time living with Joe

Joe is British and throughout their six year long relationship, Taylor and him lived together in London. Before they split in April 2023, the Daily Mail reported that the couple had even bought a £8million seven bedroom mansion together in Belsize Park. With the release of the track list for her new album, one of the fan theories is that track five called So Long, London is about her moving back to the states after the break up.

The release day is a significant date in Joe and Taylor’s relationship

Perhaps the juiciest of all the theories about the new Taylor Swift album and how it relates to her relationship with Joe Alwyn is the chosen release date. The Tortured Poets Department is scheduled to come out on April 19th and on April 19th last year, Taylor famously went to dinner with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively after which they both unfollowed Joe on Instagram – shortly followed by Taylor’s brother Austin. So the chances that this is a randomly selected date are slim to none.

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