A personality quiz to see which Love Island 2023 girl you really are

Which Love Island 2023 girlie are you? Take this quiz to find out

Look, we can’t all be Whitney

It’s that time in the series once again: We’ve spent weeks getting to know the cast of Love Island 2023, so now it’s time to find out which girl from the current series you are most like in the ultimate personality quiz.

We’ve spent countless hours watching the Islanders every night and learning what they’re like in different situations – from dating icks to how they react when things kick off the villa, we’ve seen it all.

So, who in the villa are you most like? Are you a funny and brutally honest Whitney? Maybe a stubborn and fiery Ella? Or how about a loud and outspoken, but also kind and caring Jess? Maybe you’re more like Molly, our musical theatre girlie, who if you’ve watched Unseen Bits, you’ll have seen has a mega goofy side and isn’t afraid to show her true self in front of everyone. Or maybe you’re one of the newer, messier bombshells, Ella B or Abi?

You can only really be one of the Love Island 2023 girls, and this quiz is about to tell you once and for all. All you have to do to find out is answer the 10 simple questions below and finally meet your match. Good luck and I hope you get your fav!

Take this quiz to find out which girl from Love Island 2023 you truly are:

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