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Romantic brunches and matching bracelets: All the signs Abi and Mitch are back together

It’s been staring us in the face!

Love Island 2023 might be well and truly over, but Mitch is working on his own to make sure the cast very much stay in the forefront of our minds for as long as possible. In today’s agenda, Mitch and Abi are seemingly confirming they’re back together, after Mitch ended things with Ella B.

This week has been all about Mitch and Abi making it look as though since their villa dramas, they’ve got back together. And when you lay all the evidence out together, they’ve really not been very subtle at all.

So, here’s a rundown of all the recent clues and crumbs Abi and Mitch have been dropping to heavy hint that they’re back together. It’s been staring us in the face!

They were very coupley at an event, and photographed together

Love Island 2023 stars Mitch and Abi appear to be back together

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Mitch and Abi first fuelled rumours they had got back together when they were pictured at The Sun’s Who Cares Wins awards in London earlier this week.

They posed on the red carpet, smiling at cameras, linking arms and very much wanting to be photographed together… as a couple.

Abi and Mitch then posted a video on TikTok saying they’re back together


Its getting messy.. @MessyMitch

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During the same event, over on Abi’s TikTok, she and Mitch added to the speculation, posting a video together. In it, they lip-sync: “Ok guys, we’re back. Did you miss us? Because we missed you.” It’s a big old hint that they’re a thing again.

People in the comments have pointed out the video was savagely posted on Ella B’s birthday, and another added: “FINALLY 😭 this is where he belongs and he knew it”. Someone else said: “And this is why the reunion should happen at least six months after.”

They posted matching Instagram stories of them out for brunch

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Earlier this week, Mitch and Abi went on a cute brunch date together. Abi posted a picture of her meal at Megan’s, and then a couple of hours later Mitch shared a matching post, of his meal across the table. Cute!

When Mitch was still seeing Ella B, he was ‘flirting with Abi at events’

Ever since they left the villa there have been signs Mitch and Abi still had something going on. Despite him being in the real world and trying to make a go of things with Ella B, Abi said in an interview that whenever she saw Mitch at events he would flirt with her.

She said: “I do think there is still something there with Mitch – he’s still quite flirty, and very close and friendly with me, when I’ve seen him out at events. I think Ella B is a bit threatened by me saying that we had a better connection – but I’m not going to lie.”

Abi and Mitch have also been out for dinner together and got matching bracelets!

Love Island 2023 stars Mitch and Abi appear to be back together

via Instagram

Also this week, Abi and Mitch attended an event with brand Space NK, alongside fellow Islander Zach and Samie from the winter series. After the event, Abi shared that they’d headed to dinner hotspot Sheesh, in Chigwell.

They also all got matching bracelets. You can’t tell me you’d do this with a former flame without there being more to it.

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