The life of Shona since MAFS UK 2023

Photoshoots and glam: Inside Shona’s wild life since ditching Brad and the MAFS experiment

I’m obsessed with her post MAFS glow up

Since she had to leave the MAFS UK 2023 experiment because of Brad, Shona has honestly been thriving and living her best life. I’m sure she’s looking back at her time on the show and thinking she’s glad it’s all behind her, and she’s onto bigger and better things now.

Brad is now a thing of the past, as Shona has said she’s wildly in love with Matt, and they’re moving quickly together. Shona is doing magazine shoots, doing Instagram adverts and all in all, doing boss girl shit.

Here’s everything Shona has been up to in her life since gracefully kissing goodbye to the MAFS UK 2023 experiment.

Shona left the MAFS experiment with Brad, but they ended things after six weeks

Shona was forced to leave the experiment this year, after Brad displayed controlling behaviour towards her. After leaving the show, Shona said she and Brad tried to have a relationship for around six weeks, but split when his behaviour didn’t change.

She said he promised: “I love you, I love you. I love you. I’ll be different on the outside. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt. We stayed together on the outside for, I think, about five to six weeks and the same behaviour continued.” She then said she “woke the hell up” and ended things.

Now Shona is dating Matt and they’re already talking about marriage!

Matt and Shona revealed after the show they are dating, and had secretly been together after their relationships on the show didn’t work out. Now, they’ve said they are planning to get married already, and have spoken about children.

Matt told OK! Magazine: “We definitely want to get married. Getting married abroad would be lovely but, logistically, we would do it in the UK for family coming and stuff like that.”

Matt told OK! Magazine: “We definitely want to get married. Getting married abroad would be lovely but, logistically, we would do it in the UK for family coming and stuff like that.”

The couple also said they are looking to start a family in the “next few years”, after not wanting a family became one of the main reasons Matt’s marriage with Adrienne didn’t work out.

She has a management, and has been thriving in her new life

Every day is a press day for Shona, who has been sharing her hot girl life with the women’s magazines since she left MAFS UK 2023. It seems like everything she does gets turned into a shoot and interview with OK Magazine, and I’m so here for it.

After the show she signed to talent group The CC Mode, and now her Instagram is filled with magazine shoots and glitzy days out.

Shona has also been doing some influencer work on Instagram, including a partnership with lingerie company Freya.

She’s been on self-love retreats

Straight after MAFS, Shona went on a self-love retreat in Morocco. After breaking up with Brad she also booked a flight to Sri Lanka and went to do yoga teacher training.

She said in Sri Lanka she “fixed her heart” and realised she had been “so focused and so desperate to make that relationship [with Brad] work” before realising she needed “to love me so much more.”

Shona is still best mates with all the MAFS girls

Shona is clearly still mates with loads of the girls from MAFS UK 2023, and posts with them on Instagram. It looks like she’s particularly good friends with Laura, who in one cute post called her “MAFS bestie”.

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