Say hello to Whitney, the hair business owner who’s the next Love Island 2023 bombshell

‘I’ve got triple Bs – bum, boobs and brains’

Love Island 2023 is just starting to heat up, and tonight a bombshell called Whitney gets thrown in to add more fuel to the villa firepit.

Whilst relaxing on the sun loungers, André receives a text which reads: “André, Whitney is waiting for you at the beach for a champagne date! Please get ready to leave the villa. #BigDayForDre #BaeWatch.” After the date, the Islanders celebrate her arrival over some drinks in the evening.

But, will she cause a stir and break up some couples? Here’s everything you need to know about Whitney Adebayo, as she makes her way into the Love Island 2023 villa.

Whitney from the cast of Love Island 2023

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New Love Island bombshell Whitney is 25 and from London

Bombshell Whitney is 25 and from London. She currently works as an entrepreneur. According to her LinkedIn, she is the founder of Candy Corner, a hair business which specialises in “luxury hair at affordable prices”.

When asked why Love Island, Whitney said: “Why not? I want to have fun and have a lit summer.”

Whitney has said she’s bringing good vibes to the Love Island 2023 villa

I feel as though this is what all the Islanders say, but Whitney has promised she’ll bring “good vibes” to the villa. “I can be really silly and funny but I can also get deep,” she said. “It depends on the person and the situation but I am a very adaptable person, I know how to read the room.”

She added: “Why would you not want to date me? I’ve got triple Bs – bum, boobs and brains.” She said her fellow Islanders need to be aware that she’s “that girl” which I have nothing but respect for.

When asked how friends and family would describe her, Whitney said friends would say she’s “the life of the party” but her mum would say she’s stubborn.

via Instagram @whitbrownsx

What gives Whitney the ick?

The big question! When asked what gives her the ick, Whitney said: “Guys that bite their nails, I have a thing about nice hands. I don’t like guys in skinny jeans either.” When looking for a partner she said she needs “a good sense of humour, emotional depth and makes time for me.”

She admitted she’s probably single because she’s “too much to handle sometimes”, and added: “Maybe people are intimidated by me. I know what I want and I’m very picky.”

She has 1.5k followers on Instagram

Whitney from the cast of Love Island 2023

via Instagram @whitbrownsx

Before joining the Love Island 2023 villa, Whitney had just over 1.5k followers on Instagram. She only has nine posts, but every single one of them is perfect. Outfit pics with perfect framing, every single one of them. Who takes her pics, I just wanna know?

Whitney’s handle is @whitbrownsx.

Ahead of joining the cast, Whitney was asked for her fav Love Island moment of all time

She said: “In series eight when Danica gave her fellow Islanders twerking lessons around the pool, that’s the sort of thing I will be doing in the villa.” I look forward to that!

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