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Love Island All Stars, Toby with Chloe and Arabella

Wait, when did Love Island’s Toby and Chloe break up for him to have a ‘fling’ with Arabella?

Something’s not adding up

They’ve done it again – ITV has sent another ex into the villa. This weekend we saw the entrance of Love Island 2019’s Arabella Chi into the All Stars villa, who immediately said she had history with Toby. But, nobody can quite understand the timeline here – because the dates Arabella is talking appear to clash with when Toby was with his Love Island 2021 ex, Chloe Burrows.

Chloe and Toby were together for just over a year before they ended things in 2022. Now, Arabella is saying she and Toby had a brief fling, and it’s left everyone wondering what’s going on. “When did Toby and Chloe break up for him to have this fling with Arabella,” one person on Twitter said. Another added: “They actually need to send Chloe Burrows in to clear up this Chloe, Georgia and Arabella timeline.”

So, what is the timeline then?

When did Chloe and Toby break up and when did he have a fling with Arabella?

Chloe and Toby left the Love Island 2021 villa together, and broke up just over a year later. The news Chloe and Toby were no more came in October 2022, a year and two months after they made it official in the Love Island villa. Chloe then revealed it was Toby who had dumped her, and speaking on All Stars Toby said this was because he could “no longer trust her”.

However, this is when it all gets a little confusing. On All Stars, Arabella said she was Toby have “history” and this dates back to “a year and a half ago”. She told Demi the pair slept together, which Toby told the boys they didn’t, and they both said they were texting for a while.

A year and a half ago would take us back to the summer of 2022, when Toby and Chloe were very much still together. Prior to All Stars, Arabella said: “Toby, we hooked up in the summer. There is a little bit of unfinished business there.”

So, Arabella has definitely got her wires crossed here. She did say she wasn’t entirely sure of when this all happened, so it’s looking as though it was more a year ago, than a year and a half ago.

As well as this, at the end of 2023 Toby was having a brief fling with Georgia Steel whilst on Love Island Games. He’s been busy!

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