Casey apparently cheated on his ex of three years – despite claiming he’s always been loyal

During a game on Love Island: All Stars Casey said he’s never cheated, but stories are saying otherwise

During a game of truth or dare on Love Island: All Stars, Casey O’Gorman said he’s never cheated before in a relationship, but stories about his ex are now claiming otherwise.

On the show, Kaz was told to kiss the Islander she thought was most likely to cheat in a relationship, and chose Casey. He then kicked off at this decision, claiming there were multiple other people in the villa who have been unfaithful, whilst he “deserved a medal” because he’s never cheated before.

Casey previously dated a model and figure skater named Lea Broc, who he broke up with before his first appearance in the Love Island 2023 villa. The MailOnline is reporting they were together for three years, and the relationship ended when he cheated on her.

Casey apparently cheated on his ex before Love Island: All Stars

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According to the publication, Lea discovered he had kissed another girl during a night out. A source said: “Casey has insisted that he has never cheated on anyone but this isn’t the case at all. He and Lea split because she found out he had been unfaithful during a night out. The girl he kissed’s friend messaged Lea after the night out and she confronted him about it before they ended.”

Casey told a different story in the villa, and when asked by Molly after the game if he’d ever cheated in a relationship, he said: “I haven’t, and other people have, so…”

Later, during a chat with the Gale twins, Casey doubled-down on this, and said: “I think Kaz is a good girl, apart from her calling me a cheat, or saying I’d be most likely to cheat.” The girls then asked him: “Have you cheated?”, to which he replied: “No!” Jess then said: “Well done you”, and Casey said: “Thank you. Where’s my fucking medal?”

What is the truth?!

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