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Girl who thinks she’s Madeleine McCann claims to have overheard her mum say ‘we took her’

‘I don’t know why we have this girl’

The girl who has gone viral in the last week saying she thinks she could be Madeleine McCann apparently claims to have overheard her mum say “we took her” when talking about her.

21-year-old Julia Faustyna first shared evidence on Instagram which has lead her to think she could be missing girl Madeleine. She’s since gained one million Instagram followers, after the McCann family is said to have agreed to do a DNA test with her.

Since her story has gained so much attention, Julia has now got a representative. She is being managed by Dr Fia Johansson – who has previously claimed Madeleine is alive and living in Germany. Dr Fia is a psychic medium, actress and author who has apparently worked with the US police because she believes Madeleine is alive.

Dr Fia has now done an interview with The Sun, in which she has shared some new updates in what has happened in the past with Julia and who she has grown up with believing are her parents.

“What we found after some digging into this is that she overheard her mom saying something along the lines of ‘I don’t know why we have this girl, she has always been a troublemaker since we took her’,” Dr Fia said. “Since then she started to question what was going on and whether her parents were her true parents.”

Dr Fia added: “We are doing everything we can to find out the truth of Julia’s background and find out her real identity.”

Previously talking to The Tab, Julia said her parents have said other things that have made her question her identity. When she told her parents she thought she might be Madeleine McCann, Julia said her parents wouldn’t listen. “[My] mother didn’t want to talk about it,” she said. “She said the past is in the past and she is not going to talk about the past. She said now is the future and we should focus on the future. My dad said, ‘even if I am not your father will it change anything?’”.

In a video shared to her Instagram account, Julia shared some messages between herself and her parents, and said her family has shunned her, and she’s been left “alone” since all of this happened.

She said her family has called her “not normal” for giving “hope to the McCanns”. She said her family branded her a “horrible person” who they “don’t want to know any more”. She claimed one message from her mother said “you are sick, Julia” and accused her of “setting up a circus”.

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