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These are the biggest ever profits there have been in tasks on The Apprentice

This week’s was record breaking!

Each week, The Apprentice sees the candidates set on tasks with the aim of coming back to the boardroom having secured huge profits. It’s usually set around some sort of sales challenge, where the candidates create a product and then try and get retailers and poor, targeted members of the public to buy.

But, despite most of the time the tasks being an embarrassing mess, sometimes the cast members return to the boardroom having created a decent product which sells really well. It’s rare – but it happens! Here is a rundown of some of the biggest profits there have been on tasks during The Apprentice.

5. £423k in 2019

The Apprentice biggest ever profits

via BBC

Kicking us off is one of two huge profits which came from the boardroom of The Apprentice 2019 – during the biggest week of sales the show has ever seen. During one week of the series, the candidates were set the task of designing an electric bike, and selling it to some huge retailers.

The first team came back with a profit of £423k, which you might think would see them comfortably win, but as you’ll soon see, the other team very much dominated.

via BBC

4. £1million in 2022

In week seven of the show in 2022, the candidates came back with a huge £1million earned. They’d been tasked with designing a driverless vehicle, creating a brand around it and holding an event to launch their vehicle pods to potential corporate clients.

via BBC

The winning vehicle was designed by the team of Harpreet Kaur, who went on to win the show that year. Embarrassingly, the other team only sold five pods, for £6k each.

3. £1.2million in 2019

The Apprentice biggest ever profits

via BBC

The profits were huge in 2019, with the electric bikes really raking it in for the candidates. Despite the other team making nearly half a million, the team who won brought home to the boardroom over double this.

The project manager was Iasha Masood, who decided to create a bike for “Yummy Mummies” and create a client who they dubbed “Sophisticated Sarah”. The group made a total of £1,232,810. Because of their huge win, the team was treated to a day out go-karting.

2. £21.5million in 2024

via BBC

One task in the latest series has seen bigger numbers than any other task in history. It saw the two teams build a Formula-E brand, and then try and secure sponsorship on their car. Team Supreme secured £21.5 million, which surprisingly, didn’t even bag them the win.

1. £38.7million in 2024

via BBC

The biggest of all profits presented in the boardroom of The Apprentice came in 2024, when Team Nexus returned with a huge £38.7million. They eclipsed their rivals with over £15million more in ad deals.

Not a bad day at the office!

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