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Perfect shade of tea or coffee meme going viral on Twitter

People rowing over the perfect cup of tea or coffee is the most British thing I’ve ever seen

Why are we like this?! (It’s D4)

People on Twitter are full on fighting right now over a meme about the perfect shade of tea or coffee, and I’ve never seen anything quite so British culture in all my life.

The meme going around has a square, made up of different mugs all filled with a different shade of hot bev. You have everything from pure milk, to one served black.

The post has 10million views, 10k likes and over 1,300 quote tweets – all of which are people sharing their very big opinions. For something that might appear so minor, everyone is getting very passionate!

Go on then, pick your perfect shade of tea or coffee in the meme below:

The post, of course shared by “Very British Problems”, states in the caption that the only correct answer for serving your tea or coffee is shade E3. “I trust there’ll be no further discussion on the matter,” the caption reads, but with over 2,000 replies to the tweet, further discussion has very much been had.

“F6 is where it’s at,” one person said, who clearly wants everyone to know they take their drinks black. Edgy. “I agree E3 is the perfect choice,” another added. “Pretty sure my toddler drinks A1,” someone joked at the milkiest option.

“I like my tea like I like my men: weak and milky. So D2,” is arguably the best reply, along with: “Anyone that says A1 should be medically examined and then publicly shamed.”

A lot of people are also livid that the meme has two axis but only one variable, which is fair, but honestly at this point I’ve already lost my mind.

So, what’s your perfect shade of tea or coffee and do you agree with the meme? I’ll let you discuss further in your own time.

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