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Jess and Sammy share what they’re spending Love Island prize money on and it’s cute AF

They’ve said they’re in ‘no rush’ to spend money on a house

Love Island 2023 winners Jess and Sammy have revealed the cute way they plan to spend the £50k prize money they bagged for winning the show.

During the reunion episode, Sammy said he intended to spend the cash on Jess, but the couple have since shared more about their plans. Speaking to OK! Magazine, the couple said they want to spend the money on their families.

They said they’d like to “treat their loved ones to something nice” using the £50k from the show, and after winning revealed plans to go travelling together – so some of the money will definitely go on that, too.

“I feel like we want to go to Far East Asia,” Jess said, in the first interview they did outside the villa. “We definitely want to do that. We’re not in a rush to get a house. We’re both 22. We’re both young and we want to see the world, that’s something I have always wanted to do.”

Love Island 2023 winners Jess and Sammy on what they're spending the prize money on

via ITV

When asked by OK! Magazine about their plans to get a house, they also said they’re “in no rush to do that.” Jess added: “We want to go travelling. Oh, and we’re going to have twins! We’ll have a boy and a girl!” Casual!

Work-wise, Jess said she wants to continue building her aesthetics business, Candy Aesthetics, while taking on brand deals. Jess returned to her day job at the clinic just one day after the show ended.

“I want to expand the business,” she told OK! Magazine. “It’s mine, so I’d be silly not to. I’ll definitely open a few more clinics, get a few more girls involved and have that as a passive income and do my own thing. Probably brand work too – maybe Dancing On Ice, if Sammy doesn’t get there first. I can’t skate, but I’m up for it.”

Jess on DOI is definitely something I’m here for!

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