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Inside the huge Beckham family net worth and enviable worldwide property empire

In 2022 it was reported the Beckhams were making £40k a DAY

Netflix has recently released its hotly anticipated documentary series with the Beckham family, and there’s no shame in thinking what everyone else was too: This family must have the most staggering net worth ever known.

The four-episode documentary on Netflix follows David and Victoria talking through their personal and professional lives – going through how they met, David’s football career, and some of the scandals and struggles they’ve had in the public eye over the decades.

Throughout the episodes it doesn’t take long to realise the couple were always destined for world domination. Not only were they going to have successful careers in their own rights, but they were set to become a brand together, not stopping until every person on the planet knows who the Beckhams are.

So how much is the Beckham family net worth? And what does their huge property portfolio look like? Here’s a deep dive.

David and Victoria Beckham family net worth and houses

David and Victoria in the family mansion in the Cotswolds, via Netflix

How much is the Beckham family actually worth?

Ok so if you’ve watched the Netflix documentary, or even if you haven’t, it should come as no surprise the Beckham family is rich rich. David has played for some of the biggest teams internationally as well as being England captain, Victoria is a Spice Girl, and now the Beckham family isn’t just the people – it’s an entire brand.

David has had countless football payouts throughout his career, including when he signed for MLS team LA Galaxy for a reported $250million (£179.3million) payout. His deal with Adidas in 2003 was a lifetime contract and worth £132million ($160million). At the time, it was one of the largest endorsement deals in sports history. He’s also become an ambassador for a whisky brand, and has been in TV adverts.

According to the Daily Mirror, by the time he retired, Beckham had earned £659million ($800million) on and off the football field, making him the seventh highest-paid athlete ever at the time. He now has a net worth of £372million ($450m).

According to The Sunday Times rich list, David and Victoria Beckham are worth a combined £425million. In 2022, it was reported the Beckhams were making £40k a DAY.

The Beckham family has over a dozen houses across the world

The Beckhams own over a dozen properties in their portfolio – with the most expensive being a £31million London townhouse, situated in the exclusive area of Holland Park.

David and Victoria’s real estate portfolio is worth a huge £73million ($88million), according to Hello magazine. The main London house has seven bedrooms, a gym and a huge wine cellar.

David and Victoria Beckham family net worth and houses

David in the family mansion in the Cotswolds, via Netflix

They also own a luxurious penthouse in Miami which was bought for £19million, a £6million Grade II listed farmhouse in the Cotswolds, a £5million yacht named Seven and a £4million home in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. They also have a second, £8million home in Dubai, and a £1.3million villa in Dubai which they gifted to Victoria’s parents.

Not too bad!

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