A double dumping has already happened! Plus all the evidence Molly’s coming BACK


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A double dumping has already happened!

Last night saw us get the option to vote for our favourite girl and favourite boy in the villa right now, meaning those with the fewest votes will be at risk of being dumped.

A double dumping has already happened, and The Sun is reporting two “fan favourites” have left the villa and said their goodbyes. Obviously, we weren’t voting in couples, so the result could see couples being broken up and Islanders left single in the villa.

Love Island 2023

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Jack Fincham has said he tried to date Kady three times but she aired him lol

Love Island winner Jack Fincham has revealed he asked bombshell Kady McDermott on a date three times, but she ignored him. Savage.

On Aftersun, with her friends and family in the audience, he confessed: “I’ve seen her out a few times. I don’t know why I’m looking at her mum and sister when I say this… I will admit I tried DM-ing her a few times. Blanked me.”

People are still convinced Molly is coming back for Casa Amor

There have already been some hints Molly might not have actually been dumped, but still the rumour mill is going with people convinced she’s going to make a shocking comeback for Casa Amor.

Viewers of the show have pointed out Molly was asked to create a “debrief video” for a segment on Aftersun, which no other dumped Islanders did. The video followed her journey to the airport, and her discussing her journey.

After the clip was posted on Instagram, people were quick to point out this seems to be a lot of effort for an Islander who is heading home.

“Nobody interviews like this when they leave – she never left,” one person said. “Yeah, never this kind of interview before when someone’s left the villa. 100 per cent she’s coming back!” said another. A third person agreed: “This tees up Molly coming back in a few weeks perfectly. Would bet my house on it.”

Those in the know are also speculating about Molly’s return. Winter Islander Olivia Hawkins said “I really don’t think this is the last we have seen of Molly on this year’s show” and added she has a “feeling” Molly will be back for Casa. “Which will be very awkward if Zachariah pursues anything romantic with Kady,” she said.

Plus, Sam Thompson, who is a co-host on the Love Island podcast so very in know, shared on his Instagram story that he thinks Molly will be back for Casa Amor. “I reckon Molly’s back for Casa Amor after Zach has got with Kady,” he theorised.

George is saying Molly only went on the show for fame

Remember George, the Islander who was dumped first this year? Since Molly was dumped, he’s come out and said he thinks she was in it for a “blue tick”.

He said: “I’m not hating on the girl but obviously Molly is an influencer, that’s what she does for work. So you’re always going to think, and that’s what I always thought, are you in here to boost yourself up?”

Love Island 2023

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Olivia Hawkins has ‘reached out’ to Molly

Winter Islander Olivia Hawkins has said she’s reached out to Molly Marsh since she was dumped, just in case she needed to chat about life after the show.

Speaking in her new column, Olivia said: “I’m gutted Molly was dumped from the villa – I’m such a fan girl. I reached out to her on social media since she left, because I know it can be quite overwhelming when you come out of the villa, and your friends and family can’t really understand it, so I just let her know I am there for her if she wants to chat.”

The Twitter challenge is back?!!!

The tweets challenge was always an iconic part of Love Island, where Islanders were shown savage tweets from the public about themselves, and made to guess who they were about. The challenge has recently been axed as the tweets got quite mean, but there’s a big hint it’s coming back.

ITV has recently changed its Twitter bio to say that people who use the hashtag and speak about the show may have their comments used – which is what it used to say when the challenge was a thing. 👀

Zach’s sister was in bits when he was rejected by Kady

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One of the biggest moments on Love Island last night was Kady rejecting a kiss from Zach. His sister, DJ and I’m A Celeb star Snoochie Shy, posted on Instagram how much her toes were curling watching it happen.

“Nah bro I love you but loooool,” she said. Same hun, same.

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