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Love Island All Stars cast member Arabella Chi talks cosmetic surgery

Arabella has openly spoken about cosmetic work she’s had done – including BBL and fillers

‘It took me a while to grow into my looks’

Love Island: All Stars cast member Arabella Chi has previously spoken out about all the cosmetic work and surgery she’s had done in the past. She’s openly shared videos of her getting things done, and chatted in interviews about her journey.

Of course, Arabella has always looked like a supermodel. “It took me a while to grow into my looks,” Arabella said in a previous interview. “When I was younger, I used to have a ‘puppy fat face’ and everyone told me how young I looked.”

The main change in her face has been her lips, and Arabella has previously spoken about getting lip fillers, and it’s also been reported Arabella has had some facial fillers. She’s since spoken about wanting a more “natural” look, and that being the reason behind having some of her previous fillers dissolved. In 2021 she said she was going to have filler from her cupid’s bow removed.

As she headed to Harley Street to get her filler injections replaced with “more natural chemicals”, a source told The Sun: “Arabella has been desperate to sort her lips out and get a more natural look. Arabella is really pleased with the results and relieved as she was a little worried about it.”

After her first time in the Love Island villa, Arabella posted about having Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery. On Instagram she said: “So I’ve had the fat melted in my thighs, now this helps to move the melted fat into my bum making it look curvier.” She said at the time she underwent the treatment because her body had begun to change shape following her appearance on the show, due largely to her not exercising as much.

“My body has changed as I haven’t had time to go to the gym and my diet has not been completely on point,” she said in the Instagram video. “I’m really excited to have this treatment and kinda see what the benefits are.”

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