Guys, Jessie was on another reality show last year where she worked on a farm!

She and Will are actually soulmates?!

Cast aside every doubt you’ve ever had about Love Island couple Will and Jessie, because her history on other reality shows proves she’s got previous on farms. Yep, last year Jessie appeared on a show called Model Farmers, and it’s everything you’d expect from a trashy TV show with a title like that.

The show saw women who are OnlyFans creators swap their glamorous lifestyles to work on a farm. They were sent to Jersey to work on the farm owned by Becky Houzé, who is known on TikTok as the “Jersey cowgirl” and has featured on CountryFile before, sharing her insights into dairy farming.

The girls had to work in teams for a week, and get stuck in down the farm – quite literally – in a bid to be a named a “model farmer”. It featured Jessie, as well as 2021 Islander Shannon Singh and 2017 Casa Amor Islander, Danielle Sellers.

Jessie Wynter on OnlyFans TV show Model Farmers

via OF.TV

In a trailer for the eight-part series, the girls are told they have to do jobs a real life dairy farmer would do. These tasks include mucking out where the cows live, and milking them – which we see Jessie try her hand at, before a cow poos on her. Lovely.

You know when we all saw glamorous Aussie Jessie strut into the villa, couple up with farmer Will and we thought she wouldn’t last a day back at his farm in Buckinghamshire? How wrong we all were!

Jessie Wynter on OnlyFans TV show Model Farmers

via OF.TV

The synopsis for the show reads: “The series is a fish-out-of-water competition between two teams of OnlyFans creators as they vie for the title of Model Farmers. The series highlights the ever-growing gulf between city and country life, with Becky, who’s a full-time dairy farmer in Jersey, guiding OnlyFans creators through a series of gruelling but true to life farmyard chores.

“Participants must use teamwork to make their agricultural dream work, gaining points for competence, guile, and mucking in. From cleaning out cow sheds to guiding a herd across a rush hour country road, the OnlyFans creators must deal with the hardships of early rises, late finishes, and a whole load of dung in the not-so-simple life of a Model Farmer.”

Watch the trailer for Model Farmers here:

If you want to watch Jessie and see how she got on, Model Farmers is available to stream on free OnlyFans platform, OF.TV.

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