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Love Island 2023 Casa Amor recoupling first look

Wait, did Love Island just delete first look because it gave away part of the recoupling?!

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People on Twitter are claiming Love Island just deleted a version of first look because it contained a spoiler for the big Casa Amor recoupling tonight.

Love Island always posts a short look ahead of the episode that day at roughly lunchtime, and people noticed today’s was a little delayed. Buuuuut, apparently a version of first look was posted and then quickly deleted because “they knew we would figure out” someone from Casa who had recoupled.

A screenshot from the first video has been posted, and it shows Casa girls Gabby and Tink stood next to each other, reacting to someone walking into the villa behind them. Then, later in the clip we can see the lineup of all the girls, and Amber was stood in between Gabby and Tink.

This means the two clips have been chopped up out of order, and people are speculating Amber had been coupled up with, hence why she’s not stood in that spot anymore.

A new version of first look for the Casa Amor recoupling has since been posted by Love Island, and this reaction clip of the two girls is nowhere to be seen. Love Island, we’re onto you!

Does this mean Sammy has recoupled with Amber? What does this mean for Jess? “So Amber over Gabby? Lmao production we see you,” one person said in response to the tweet. “So Sammy and Catherine recouple, those gasps were caused by Catherine,” said someone who saw the first video before it was deleted.

The Casa recoupling has already been called “the most devastating ever” and apparently everyone in the villa was left in tears after filming it.


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