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Will has unfollowed some of the boys from Love Island 2023

Ron removed Will from the winter Love Island boys’ group chat so Will unfollowed them all

In an interview, Will has said their beef since the show has really ‘confused’ him

Earlier this week it was reported that Will Young from winter Love Island 2023 had unfollowed some of the boys who were his closest mates from the villa, and talk of an on-going feud erupted. Now, in an interview, Will has opened up about what happened to cause that… and it’s beefy.

It was spotted that Will had unfollowed his villa besties Tom and Casey, as well as Ron and Kai. Speaking to Heatworld, he said this came after the boys went out together without Will, and Ron removed him from their group chat.

“So they went out for dinner,” Will said. “I was invited but I couldn’t go – I live out of the city, I’m working on the farm and focusing on my girlfriend. They had their dinner and from what I saw on their [Instagram] stories had a couple of drinks, had a good time and then later that night Ron removed me from the group chat.

“I was really confused but I sat back and thought, you’ve got four people sat at a table, a conversation about me would have happened, I don’t know what is it, so although Ron removed me I think it was a whole group situation.”

Will then explained not a single one of the boys reached out to him after Ron removed him, and he hasn’t been added back to the group. He added: “So I thought, do you know what? I don’t want the stress in my life, so I unfollowed them. That’s basically what happened.”

Will still follows other Islanders from his season, including Shaq and Tanya, Lana, Sanam and Samie.


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