Robbie Williams lyrics quiz

Let me entertain you with this ultimate Robbie Williams lyrics quiz

Then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like… only true fans are getting full marks

Behind every millennial and Gen-Z with good music taste, is parents who forced them to listen to Robbie Williams until they realised it was actually wall-to-wall bops. Well, this Robbie Williams lyrics quiz is going to prove how much this choice really did change your music taste forever.

Robbie Williams is one of the world’s greatest entertainers. And as he approaches 50, Netflix has released a documentary series following the husband and dad of four. The synopsis reads: “Robbie can’t escape his past — and his past has all been captured on film in thousands of hours of behind-the-scenes footage he has never seen. Until now.

“Robbie’s way of exorcising his demons is to go back through every single frame, every up and every down. Platinum albums, sell out gigs, adoring crowds; drink, drugs, rock bottom and whatever comes next when you get there and you can’t stop digging. This is a story of unimaginable fame at a tender age — and the price you pay.”

But, the main thing is every single banger the show helps you to remember. So, how well do you actually remember them? Do you know your She’s The One from your Angels? Find out in the ultimate Robbie Williams lyrics quiz below.

Take this lyrics quiz to see how much of a fan of Robbie Williams you actually are:

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