Two new Harlan Coben thrillers announced for Netflix

Two new Harlan Coben thrillers announced for Netflix, just as you get over Fool Me Once

These sound GOOD

Just as we begin to come to terms with the ending of Fool Me Once, Netflix has announced two more Harlan Coben thrillers are coming. What a treat!

Missing You and Run Away will both be produced by Quay Street Productions and Harlan Coben himself will serve as executive producer through his company, Final Twist Productions. Harlan is the creator and executive producer for several Netflix series already, including The Stranger, Stay Close, Safe, The Woods, The Innocent, Hold Tight and Gone For Good.

With more than 80million books sold worldwide, Harlan Coben is the perennial number one New York Times author of over thirty novels, including Fool Me Once, Tell No One and I Will Find You. Of course, all of his books and TV adaptations are known for their huge twists and shocking mysteries. Plus, there’s now a high chance Richard Armitage will be cast in some form.

So, here’s what we know about the two new thriller series from Harlan Coben that are set to hit Netflix soon.

Missing You

Missing You feels a bit like the same style mystery we had in Fool Me Once. It follows a detective whose other half has disappeared, and then suddenly she sees him on a dating app.

The Netflix synopsis reads: “Eleven years ago Detective Kat Donovan’s fiancé Josh – the love of her life – disappeared and she’s never heard from him since. Now, swiping profiles on a dating app, she suddenly sees his face and her world explodes all over again. Josh’s reappearance will force her to dive back into the mystery surrounding her father’s murder and uncover long-buried secrets from her past.”

Run Away

The other adaptation is the book Run Away. This follows Simon, who seemingly had the perfect life: Loving wife and kids, great job, and a beautiful home. But then his eldest daughter Paige ran away and everything fell apart.

So now when he finds her, vulnerable and strung out on drugs in a city park, he finally has the chance to bring his little girl home. But it turns out she’s not alone and an argument escalates into shocking violence that will shatter Simon’s life all over again. His search for his daughter will take him into a dangerous underworld, revealing deep secrets that could tear his family apart forever.

Netflix has confirmed Missing You will begin production this spring, and then Run Away will shortly follow. I need these NOW!

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