Meet Irina: The 26-year-old business owner who is Love Is Blind’s latest villain

She gives Jessica and Shaina a run for their money

Every season there’s a villain on Love Is Blind, and even though season four has only just dropped, Irina is already being given this coveted title.

We’ve seen Jessica feed her dog wine, Shaina cause drama everywhere she goes and Bartise make us wonder why the hell we trust anyone to find love sight-unseen. But here we are, yet again with even more chaos.

So, as you inevitably become obsessed with her every move, here’s everything you need to know about Irina, one of the breakout stars of Love Is Blind season four on Netflix.

Irina from Love Is Blind season four on Netflix

via Instagram @irina_solo

Irina Solomonova is 26 and works as a business owner

Irina is 26, and owns her own business. Whilst filming for the show Irena was 25, but Netflix has confirmed she is 26 now. She is the founder of Solo Collective, an event planning company, established in 2020 in Seattle. The brand helps people plan all kinds of events – from birthdays to company networking dos.

During Love Is Blind season four, Irina reflected on her childhood immigrating to the U.S. from Russia as a small child. “Even though we had no money, my parents did everything in their power to give us all the memories,” she said.

According to her LinkedIn, Irina is also currently working part time as a shift lead at JOEY Restaurant Group.

She says she’s on Love Is Blind to find someone to ‘do life with’

“Driven, creative and passionate” is how Irina described her perfect guy, but ultimately said she just wants to “find my best friend to do life with.”

Speaking with Netflix she said she fell too fast in past relationships, and is taking it at her own pace in the pods to avoid ending up with anyone who has a “big ego.” If, of course, they can get a word in, as Irina admitted she has a habit of interrupting people when they’re speaking.

Irina from Love Is Blind season four on Netflix

via Netflix

Irina is being backed as one of the biggest villains Love Is Blind has ever seen

People are coming out and saying it: Irina is the biggest Love Is Blind villain of all time. She’s been backed as stiring the pot more than the likes of Jessica, Shaina and Bartise.

The Daily Beast calls her behaviour on the show “scheming and negging” and questions if she is the cast member this season to be given the “bad edit”. She stirs the pot, and gets involved in loads of drama.

Irina from Love Is Blind season four on Netflix

via Instagram @irina_solo

Ahead of appearing on Love Is Blind, Irina has 2.9k followers on Instagram

Right now, Irina has just shy of 3k Instagram followers, but expect that to grow dramatically whilst she’s on the show. Her feed is very ~ aesthetic ~ and has loads of nude tone, grainy photography pictures. It’s a bit of a vibe, I have to say. Her handle is @lrina_solo. 

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