Craig David could come back to perform in the Love Island All Stars villa

There’s solid evidence Craig David will perform on All Stars and I’m shaking for Anton

He NEEDS this

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, or Anton, but it looks as though there’s pretty solid evidence Craig David could return to the Love Island villa to perform for the All Stars Islanders.

Every series, the Islanders will get a party thrown for them in the villa and a famous DJ or artist will come in and belt out some bops. Previous acts have included Becky Hill, Ne-Yo and Joel Corry. But of course, none of us will ever forget when legend Craig David entered the 2019 villa and our boy Anton actually let out TEARS. He was more emotional over him than he’d ever been with Belle.

What could be more perfect than Anton, who has proven himself a gem of the All Stars villa, to get reunited with his idol once again? There’s evidence he might be getting his justice!

Craig David has a single out with Wes Nelson, which is ideal timing for Love Island: All Stars


The full reaction! 🤣 ‘Abracadabra’ IS OUT TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! Keep it on repeat, take it in and let me know what you think! This one’s too special 🙏🏾❤️ @Josh Denzel #newmusic

♬ Abracadabra (feat. Craig David) – Wes Nelson & Craig David

So, the evidence. What’s Love Island: All Stars all about? Previous iconic Islanders coming back and looking for love again. One iconic previous Islander is 2018’s Wes Nelson, who might not be on the look for love, but since the villa he has gone into music, and has just announced he’s got a new single coming.

He teased who the artist on it might be, and said he has “big things coming”. Later, he announced the mystery guest on his new single is none other than Craig David.

“What do you think’s happening?” Wes asked followers on one of his posts about the track. “Performing on Love island with Craig David, Anton will cry,” one person responded. Another added: “If he performs with Craig David on Love Island I’ll actually die.” Same.

Look, it has to happen. When All Stars was first announced, ITV said former previous Islanders who aren’t single could make “cameos” on the show, and now it would make sense if this is what was being hinted? There are too many reasons why this is perfect. Craig David is an icon, Anton is back in the villa, and it would be the perfect All Stars edition to have the performer be an ex-Islander too.

Craig David and Wes’ new single is called Abracadabra, and it is the PERFECT Love Island party night song. We need this, and Anton needs this!

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