Molly Marsh admits she is struggling since Love Island

Molly says she’s ‘struggling’ since Love Island and was ‘much happier’ before the show

‘I’ve been within myself really unhappy and a bit confused. I feel a bit lost’

Molly Marsh has spoken out about her life since Love Island 2023, and said she is “struggling” now and was actually “much happier” before she took part on the show.

In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, Molly has been candid in speaking about adjusting to life outside the villa, and admitted if she hadn’t found Zach, she’d have found things even more tough.

She said since the show, “I’ve just not been myself” and added: “I’m not gonna get upset, but I’ve just been on a retreat to find my self love again, find my path, my direction with my career… almost cancelling out negativity and not thinking too much about what people say about me – especially online.

“I feel like coming out of Love Island there’s been a lot of negatives, and I’m focusing on them more than anything. I was much happier before Love Island. If I didn’t meet Zach and didn’t find love, I’d feel much worse.”

She called the Love Island environment “fake” and said she is “so grateful to have found love and something real” despite that. “Zach means the world to me,” Molly added. “He’s a star, he’s so supportive and he’s just amazing.”

Molly then said she has been “really unhappy and confused” recently, and has been feeling “lost”. She said she’s been struggling to make time for her friends and family, because she’s been working so much.

Molly said: “I’ve just been within myself really unhappy and a bit confused. I felt a bit lost, and I want you guys to know that that’s okay, because when I felt like that I was like ‘Is it just me that feels like this?’ Why do I feel so lost? I’m so confused.

“I’m struggling to make time for my friends, make time for my family. I’m working a lot, but I’m not choosing all the work that comes my way because I’m also being very selective. Then I’m seeing a lot of negative things online, but then if you don’t post online it’s like ‘Have you broken up with Zach?,’ the next headline… and it’s like not everything will be on social media.”

She concluded: “I see Zach all the time and half the time we don’t post anything because we’re just spending time together.”

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