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YouTube channel of Georges from MAFS, Married at First Sight UK 2023

Inside Georges from MAFS’ wild YouTube channel, with holiday vlogs and gym clips

Can I subscribe twice?

Things have been really up and down for Married at First Sight star Georges Berthonneau in recent episodes. He’s had real character development, quickly becoming one of everyone’s fav people on the show, but still the question of what he gets up to on social media comes up with Peggy all the damn time. So, we’ve seen his Twitch account, but what does Georges from MAFS get up to on YouTube?

For work Georges is a sports rehabilitator, and his YouTube channel is a lot of sports content, too. We know he’s big into gaming, and has his infamous Twitch account littered with squatting videos, but his gaming interests spill over onto YouTube as well. Here’s a deep dive into his channel.

MAFS 2023 groom Georges has 1,000 subscribers on YouTube

Georges’ YouTube channel is @Frenchberty and he has just over 1k subscribers and just under 500 videos. Recently he’s been doing some reviews of MAFS episodes, and he regularly posts holiday vlogs and gaming reviews.

He also posts a lot of gym and fitness videos on YouTube, including recipe ideas and “shredder diaries”. If you scroll back to the start of his channel, in the past he used to mainly post in-play videos of FIFA and Football Manager, take his subscribers on trips with him, and he had a rolling series where he would rate the best videos from YouTube that month.

If you’re looking for squatting videos you might be disappointed, but Georges does have some up close and personal videos of him actually doing reps in the gym, just not ones as forfeits to his subscribers. No baguettes here!

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