Only four of the Made in Chelsea cast are from Chelsea, here’s where they’re actually from

At this point, can it even be called Made in Chelsea anymore?

The cast of Made in Chelsea have recently flown out to Corsica for the summer series, but shocker, because back home hardly any of them are actually from Chelsea. The integrity of the show is in tatters!

Yep, it turns out only four of the current Made in Chelsea cast members who flew out to Corsica for the latest season are actually from Chelsea. The rest are simply masquerading as being true SW socialites. The legit people ~made~ in Chelsea are Harvey Armstrong, Sam Prince, Bella Sharpe and Yasmine Zweegers, all the rest are massive liars.

So, here’s where are all the rest of the Made in Chelsea: Corsica cast members are actually from.

Reza Amiri-Garroussi – America

Reza isn’t even from the UK, let alone Chelsea. He was born in America, but moved to London. He’s now the co-founder of a sunglasses brand!

Inga Valentiner  – Wiltshire

30-year-old Inga also wasn’t born in London. According to reports she was born in Marlborough, Wiltshire – which is a small market town in between London and Bath.

David ‘Temps’ Templer – Portsmouth

It’s been reported Temps is from London, but other reports say he’s from Porstmouth. Often when he posts on Instagram saying he’s with his family he checks into Portsmouth and that’s also where he went to uni. Definitely not Chelsea!

Miles Nazaire – Notting Hill

Miles was born in London, but grew up between Notting Hill and the South of France. His family heritage is French. It’s close, but not quite.

Olivia Bentley – Oxfordshire

Liv’s privileged upbringing actually took place in Oxfordshire. She went to the same exclusive boarding school as Sam Thompson, Bradfield College in Reading, and since lived with her parents in Oxfordshire.

Tristan Phipps – South Africa

Tristan Phipps wins the award for the cast member who is from the furthest place away from Chelsea. He was born in South Africa and moved back to the UK as a child. He has since gone back to South Africa and has worked as a safari guide.

Joel Mignott – Leeds

27-year-old Joel is originally from Leeds, but signed a modelling contract for an agency in London when he was 17. Alongside pursuing his career in modelling, he went to Leeds Arts University to study Fine Art.

Imogen Bloom – West Sussex

Imogen grew up in Goodwood, West Sussex. The 25-year-old is the oldest of four siblings, and her dad is a director of a bank and her mum is an interior designer in Chelsea.

Robbie Mullett – Camden

Robbie is originally from Camden, north west London. Before he moved fully to London and started to study there at UCL, he lived in Essex.

Willow Day – Cornwall

Willow Day was reportedly born in Cornwall, but was raised in the town of Alaró in Mallorca. She joined the Made in Chelsea cast for the Mallorca special.

Freddy Knatchbull – London

Freddy, who just happens to be the great grandson of Lord Mountbatten, who was Prince Philip’s uncle, is from London. Not specifically Chelsea, though!

Geronimo and Jane – Trinidad and Tobago, and France

Where the cast of Made in Chelsea Corsica are actually from

via E4

Ok, it was a bit of a given that two cast members who joined the cast in Corsica weren’t going to actually be from Chelsea. Jane Aubrun-Mautin lives in Bordeaux, but was born and raised in Paris. Geronimo is a 22-year-old model and student, currently living in Paris whilst he studies for a degree in communications. He was born in Trinidad and Tobago.

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