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Love Island 2023 couple Tyrique and Ella are backed by winner Kai

‘He’s playing that game’: Love Island winner Kai has shared big opinions on Ella and Tyrique

‘You heard it here first, he will get back with Ella’

Right now, one of the biggest storylines in Love Island 2023 is the ongoing drama with Tyrique and Ella – and now previous winner Kai Fagan has waded in.

We’ve just had a shock recoupling, which saw bombshell Leah choose Tyrique, leaving Ella single. Ella was initially at risk of being dumped, before her fellow Islanders chose to save her and send Ruchee packing.

Ella has been livid at Tyrique recently, reacting to how he’s been entertaining the new bombshell, and saying he’s open to getting to know other people. Now, winter winner Kai Fagan has had his say on the whole saga, and we know he knows what he’s talking about.

Posting on TikTok, Kai said he’d just caught up on the big recoupling episode, and had some thoughts about the Ella and Tyrique situation. “I wanna come on here and say it first,” he began. “I think Tyrique and Ella are going to be one of the strongest couples by the end of the show.”

He said the “disappointment in Tyrique’s face” when Leah chose him in the recoupling spoke volumes, and said “Leah can’t accept that” and she should want to be somebody’s first choice. “But Tyrique, he’s worn his emotions and his heart on his face there,” Kai said.


Im backing Tyrique and Ella you know #loveislove #fyp #foryou

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Kai added Tyrique “likes Ella more than he’s letting on to her” and added: “[Tyrique’s] telling her he likes her and he’s saying he wants to explore other connections, but I think he’s just playing that game. I think he’s just trying to treat them mean keep them keen and all that.”

Kai concluded with a very bold statement: “You heard it here first, Tyrique will get back with Ella and them two, they will flourish and they will blossom and they’ll be one of the strongest couples. I am backing them now. It’s gonna be them two.”

We hear you, Kai!

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