Casa Amor transformations: The most drastic before and after pictures of the new Islanders

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It’s a well known fact that Islanders look loads different in the villa to previously. Some get full makeovers done for their time on the show whereas others have, you know, just changed with age. And that’s the same case for the Casa Amor 2023 bombshells, who have had a whole range of transformations in their time.

Loads of the new Islanders have old pictures on their social media profiles, showing us exactly what they looked like way before their time on the show.

Here are the biggest transformations from the cast of Love Island’s Casa Amor 2023.

Amber Wise

Casa Amor transformations from before Love Island 2023

via ITV / Instagram @amberwse

Amber Wise was only 19 when she entered the Love Island 2023 villa, so old pictures of her are literally from when she was a teenager. She just looks even…. younger.

Ouzy See

via ITV / Instagram @ouzysee_

I’m here to show you Ouzy without his hair pinned down. That is all.

Zachary Ashford

Casa Amor transformations from before Love Island 2023

via ITV / Instagram @z_ashford

We haven’t seen much of Zac during Casa Amor, but everyone deserves to see the old pictures of him with huge quiff hair. A look!

Elom Ahlijah-Wilson

via ITV / TikTok

Ummm ok Elom, drop a glow up why don’t you?! Across his socials, Elom calls himself “true gains” so it’s no surprise his content is mainly how ripped he’s got over the years. It’s impressive.

Elom has posted loads of videos and pictures talking about his transformation ahead of the villa.

Gabby Jeffery

Casa Amor transformations from before Love Island 2023

via ITV / Instagram @gabriellejefferyy

Gabby doesn’t look that different from when she was younger, but she has shared pictures from Parklife festival in 2019 where she briefly tried blonde hair. It’s a big vibe!

Abi Moores

via ITV / Instagram @abimooresxox

Since Abi has been in the villa, she’s been cracking on with Mitchel. The 25-year-old flight attendant casually dropped in that she has connections to the royal family, as you do.

Abi has loads of old pictures of herself on Instagram, and she looks totally different. In lots of the pics she’s not even blonde!

Benjamin Noel

Casa Amor transformations from before Love Island 2023

via ITV / Instagram @benjaminn_noell

Benjamin is another Islander who has shared a look back at when he much younger, before he started going to the gym. He works as a fitness coach, so the Casa Amor 2023 Islander shares loads of transformations on his page – his own and those from clients.

Posting a bunch of glow-up snaps, he said: “It takes time! Something I would tell 10-year-old me and a phrase I always use in most situations, especially when building muscle for your desired physique.”

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