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All the members of the royal family who smoke or vape, an investigation

I bet Harry loves a Strawberry Ice

Ahead of King Charles’ coronation, the UK became truly unhinged. Not that it wasn’t already, but to go keep up with everyone vaping now,  a range of vapes that look like the actual King’s famous “sausage fingers” were being sold. No, I’m serious. But, wild thought, do you think any of the royals themselves would enjoy them? Who are the royals who smoke?

It’s been reported that members of the royal family are encouraged not to smoke, due to the known health risks, but some royals have smoked in the past. Some have since given up, whilst others get papped with a ciggie in hand on the reg.

Here’s a breakdown of all the royals who are known to smoke, or have done in the past.

Prince Harry

Royals who smoke and family members who vape, Prince Harry

via Thomas Krych/ZUMA Press Wire/Shutterstock

It’s a well known fact that back in the day Harry used to smoke, and he’s been pictured doing so many times. However, it’s been reported that he’s since kicked the habit, with the help of wife Meghan.

Harry took up smoking in his teens, and would reportedly take down a pack of Marlboros a day. But, since meeting Meghan, it’s been said Harry has adopted a much healthier lifestyle, including ditching ciggies.

Camilla Parker Bowles, The Queen Consort

Camilla Parker Bowles, The Queen Consort

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Yep, the Queen Consort has been partial to lighting up. She was reportedly one of the biggest smokers in the royal family, having kept up the habit for 30 years before King Charles persuaded her to stop.

The royal website states: “The Duchess of Cornwall [now Queen Consort] gave up smoking many years ago.”

Princess Eugenie

Royals who smoke and family members who vape, Princess Eugenie

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Princess Eugenie has been pictured in the past smoking. She was papped by the Daily Mail in 2009 with a cigarette in hand, but like her cousin Harry, has reportedly since given up.

Cassius Taylor

Cassius Taylor is definitely the hottest young royal right now, and naturally, there are pictures of him on Insta with a packet of ciggies in his hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s vaped a few times in a beer garden or at the many festivals he seems to attend, but there’s not actually any evidence of this.

Cassius is friends with Iris and Rafferty Law and is 45th in line for the throne. He studied Arts Management at Goldsmiths but has since been working at some niche club nights in Shoreditch, according to his LinkedIn.

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