Tasha points out MAFS error which proves production EDITED IN her beef with Erica

She wasn’t even present in the room when clips of her pulling faces at Erica were shown!

Tasha has pointed out an editing error during the dramatic MAFS dinner party last week, and has called out the show’s production for editing in her beef with Erica. She has claimed the show has made things between the girls look much worse, by faking reactions on the show.

Ahead of the dinner party last week, we saw *most* of the cast enter the room and take their seats at the table. Then, before all hell broke loose later on, Erica made a toast.

MAFS editing error with Tasha and Erica at the dinner party

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During the speech, Erica thanked everyone in the group who had made herself and Jordan feel welcome and said “you know who you are”. Just as she said this, it cut to a clip of Tasha seemingly rolling her eyes. Erica was also seen saying she wanted “good vibes only” from the evening, and again, the camera showed a less than impressed looking Tasha.

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However, Tasha has pointed out something about the scene which proves production has been editing in her reactions at points she wasn’t reacting to… because Tasha wasn’t even at the dinner party when Erica made her speech. Yep, really!

If you go back to the point where everyone entered the room and took their seats, you can see Tasha and Paul are not present. So, when Erica is talking and then Tasha was shown pulling faces, Tasha wasn’t even there. Look in the picture below at who entered the room and is sat down just as Erica stands up to make her toast:

MAFS editing error with Tasha and Erica at the dinner party

via E4

On the left side is Peggy and Georges, JJ and Bianca, Erica and Jordan and Adrienne and Matt. On the right is Arthur and Laura, Jay and Luke, Rozz and Tom, Nathanial and Ella and Sean and Mark. No Tasha and Paul in sight!

Speaking on her Instagram story, Tasha said: “Before anyone tries Me and Paul were not even there for the first half of this dinner party if you look closely we were not there for Erica’s toast. So the shots were of me at a dinner point of the dinner party.”

This isn’t the first time Tasha has called out MAFS over errors in the show making things between herself and Erica look worse. She pointed out that earlier in the series, when the pair were arguing at the spa day, that editing errors showed huge parts of the conversation had been cut out.

“I have so much to say,” Tasha said. “This is an edit! So much of what you’re seeing did not happen in the moment, the comments that were said – of course that was me – in the moment, and you’ll see the rest of the journey but this is an edit.”

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