Only a capital R Rake is getting 9/11 in this Bridgerton glossary quiz

Can you nail Ton talk?

You’re lying if you say you can binge-watch Bridgerton and not start talking all proper and like you’ve just stepped out of the 1800s. It happens and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. But to truly fit in with those making big impressions in the Ton, you need to get your Regency talk nailed. So the following Bridgerton glossary quiz is about to separate the diamonds of the season from the fakes among society.

Do you know your promenading from your courting? Your Dukes from your Viscounts? Do you know what makes a person a rake or what makes a lady a diamond of the first water? Does the term “debutante” mean anything to you, or is everything I just said just words to you? It’s time to truly test your knowledge and see if you are ready for life in the Ton. In the quiz below you will be asked 11 questions about Bridgerton style words, phrases and definitions, and all you have to do is get the answer right. Scores of over 9/11 will be presented before Queen Charlotte immediately, for her royal seal of approval. Good luck, dearest reader!

See how well you actually know Regency era talk and phrases with this Bridgerton glossary quiz:

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