Um guys, Love Is Blind forgot to edit out this moment with the camera crew in the bushes

You had one job

Did anyone else notice there was a moment in the latest episodes of Love Is Blind where the camera crew was clear as day in the bushes filming? Because the person on the editing team for production sure as hell didn’t.

There have already been some editing errors and seemingly staged moments called out during season six, but this one just looks like a massive blunder from the team at the time. And of course, viewers were quick to spot it.

The moment came in episode 10 of season six, as the cast headed to a bbq catch up to hash out all the drama. Some arrived in their couples, and some arrived on their own – as more of the chaos that’s been happening behind closed doors was revealed to fellow cast members.

AD arrived early to the get together, and was later joined by partner Clay, who had been at work. As Clay arrived, he went over to Jimmy to say hi, and behind them the Love Is Blind camera crew is right there in the bushes for all to see. You ok guys? Just getting the right angles are we?

Love Is Blind camera crew spotted in bushes

via Netflix

It’s funny because before and after this moment there are plenty of other camera shots facing the same direction, and the camera crew is nowhere to be seen. So, either they edited themselves out of most and forgot this one, or the crew felt they simply NEEDED to nail this shot so got really up-close and personal at this exact time.

Either way, a big yikes moment.

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